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3 1/2 Years of a vision has finally turned into "No Love For Blaqkid", the debut album from the electric, Chicago based Alternative Rap Rock Band, Blaqrock.  The album is the story of a character known as "Blaqkid", a man in his early 20's speaking about the experiences he has lived through thus far.  How being an African American in today's society has affected his life through turbulent arguments with lovers, dealing with the ignorance of other people who don't understand him, people you can't trust who you thought you could, and more...He is a character going through different transitions in life and speaking about it through this album.  

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rick Barnes at Rax Trax Recording in Chicago, IL



"I want to rap, but I want to have a band behind me". This was the phrase that began the band and drives the vision.  Combining classic hip hop/rap styles with hard/blues rock and jazz influences, the sound of Blaqrock emerges as something uniquely energetic.  

The band has played all over Chicago and is now pushing to make their mark on Chicago's big stages.

Hopefully you're ready...


 Gardner McFadden - Vocals          

 Myles Bacon - Guitar

 Austen Goebel - Bass

Danny Delgado - Drums



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