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No Love for Blaqkid

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3 ½ years of a vision has turned into “No Love for Blaqkid,” the debut album from the Chicago based band, Blaqrock.  The album is a story of a character known as “Blaqkid,” a man in his early 20’s speaking about his experiences he has learned thus far.  How being an African American in today’s society has affected his life with lovers, the ignorance of others who don’t understand him, untrustworthy people, and more.  He is a character going through transitions in his life and is speaking about this through this album.


“I want to rap, but I want to have a band behind me.”

This was the phrase that began the band and what drives the vision. Combining classic hip-hop/rap styles with hard rock and jazz influences, the sound of Blaqrock emerges as something uniquely energetic. With introspective and thoughtful lyrics, hard-hitting catchy riffs, the songs and performances of Blaqrock are always memorable.

The band has performed at notable Chicago venues such as the Metro, Subterranean, HVAC Pub, the Wire, and has headlined the Cobra Lounge and the Elbo Room. Blaqrock has been making their mark on the Chicago music scene since 2015. The band has the ability to play alongside both rock and hip-hop artists while staying true to their own sound and style.