"I want to rap but I want to have a band behind me...and I want it to be unique", is the phrase that started the band and drives the current vision.  Blaqrock, who was founded by Chicago Native Gardner McFadden III, has gone through many lineup and stylistic changes.  In summer of 2016, Gardner decided what he wanted to settle on musically, and brought in Chicago native and rock n' roll guitar player, Myles Bacon.  They combined classic hip hop/ soul rapping with classic rock, hard rock, and jazz influences to create the sound that is....Blaqrock.

To date, Blaqrock has released their debut single, "Southside".  The band has taken this single, along with other electrifying original material with an eclectic setlist and has been cutting their teeth in venues across Chicagoland.  The band had their debut performance of Southside at the Subterranean in 2016, which proceeded to electrify the crowd.  

Currently, the band has undergone a lineup change which they believe to be their best lineup yet.  With the addition of a live dj to the mix, the band has the unique and powerful sound they have been looking for.

MC - Gardner McFadden 

Lead Guitar - Myles Bacon

Rhythm Guitar - Jackson Ayamar 

Bass - Mike Ewers 

Live DJ - Sireena Yancour

Drums - Danny Delgado


Photographer - Brandon Jones (Renavision Films)